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Pizza Sauce

Slightly sweet tomato sauce with a blend of Italian seasonings is what most people are familiar with on their pizza. Pizza sauce compliments a variety of savory toppings making pizzas that are sure to please a crowd.
Recipes using this ingredient: Easy Homemade Pizza, Stuffed Crust Pizza

Alfredo Sauce

Not just for pasta, Alfredo sauce adds rich flavor and creamy texture to a pizza. Add some cheese, broccoli and chicken for a delicious Chicken Alfredo pizza.
Recipes using this ingredient: Chicken Alfredo Pizza, Christmas Tree Pizza

Peanut Sauce

In Asian cuisine peanut sauce is used to add flavor to meat. Typically made with garlic, ginger, chili and sesame oil peanut sauce adds a sweet but spicy twist to your pizza. Try it on a Thai Peanut Pizza.
Recipes using this ingredient: Thai Peanut Pizza

BBQ Sauce

With regions all over America claiming to have the best style BBQ sauce options are endless. From spicy to sweet, vinegar based to tomato based there is a barbecue sauce that everyone will like. Try a BBQ chicken pizza today.
Recipes using this ingredient: BBQ Chicken Pizza

Crushed Tomatoes

Artisan pizza makers across the world use crushed tomatoes for their pizza sauce. The straightforward, fresh flavor of crushed tomatoes compliments fresh mozzarella and basil on a traditional Margherita pizza.
Recipes using this ingredient: Margherita Pizza


Originally made with garlic, pine nuts, and Parmesan cheese, modern day pesto is now recognizable by the most recently added ingredient, basil. Pesto gives pizza a punch of fresh flavor.
Recipes using this ingredient: Tuscan Tomato Pizza, Whole Wheat Vegetable Pizza



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Fresh Mozzarella

This soft cheese, made from cow's milk has a delicate flavor and is preferred by artisan pizza makers. Fresh mozzarella is great for pizza margherita.
Recipes using this ingredient: Individual Margherita Pizza


Mozzarella is the most used cheese for pizza. The mild flavor never competes, only complements toppings on any pizza.
Recipes using this ingredient: California White Pizza , Fresh Veggie Pizza


Known by its pungent aroma Asiago has a full-bodied, sharp flavor similar to Parmesan. This hard cheese is easy to grate and melts well making it perfect for pizza.
Recipes using this ingredient: Roasted Garlic & Asiago Cheese Pizza


Cheddar cheese is semi hard and the longer it ages the sharper the taste. This gives quite a variety in flavor. There is sure to be cheddar at the perfect sharpness to add to your pizza.
Recipes using this ingredient: Baked Potato Pizza, Sloppy Joe Pizza


Best known in its grated form dusting the top of Italian dishes, Parmesan has an intense sharp flavor. This hard cheese adds a true Italian flavor to pizza whether included in the actual ingredients or just added after it has been baked.
Recipes using this ingredient: Stuffed Meatball Pizza, Pizza Roll-Ups


Swiss cheese has a mild, sweet and nutty flavor. It's most noticeable characteristic is its holes. Perfect for a Rueben Pizza.
Recipes using this ingredient: Corned Beef & Potato Pizza, Reuben Pizza



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Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are probably the most popular cut of meat sold in America today. It is one of the most versatile foods on the planet and a great source of protein.
Recipes using this ingredient: Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Chicken Fajita Pizza


Salami is a dry, boldly seasoned sausage. Traditional salami combines a mixture of beef, pork, salt and various herbs and spices.
Recipes using this ingredient: Ghostly Three Cheese Pizza, Happy Jack Pizza


Once viewed as a decadent luxury reserved for special occasions, shrimp is now the most consumed seafood in the United States.
Recipes using this ingredient: Shrimp Pesto Pizza


Pepperoni is an Italian-American variety of Salami made from pork and beef. Pepperoni is available whole, chopped or in slices and is commonly found in American deli counters.
Recipes using this ingredient: Family Night Pizza, Football Pepperoni Pizza


Any type of meat can be made into sausage but the most common is pork. More than 200 different varieties are made in the United States alone.
Recipes using this ingredient: Italian Deep Dish Pizza

Canadian Bacon

Canadian Bacon is much more like ham than traditional bacon and a favorite topping for pizza.
Recipes using this ingredient: Hawaiian Pizza

Roast Beef

Roast Beef is the national dish of Great Britain and loved by almost everyone. It gets its name because it has been roasted in the oven. It is also widely used for sandwiches.
Recipes using this ingredient: Philly Cheese Steak Pizza



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Technically a fruit, tomatoes are treated as a vegetable in the culinary world. Whether baked or sliced fresh on top, tomatoes are a great addition to pizza.
Recipes using this ingredient: Garden Salad Pizza, Tomato Focaccia


Grown on a tree, olives are much too bitter to eat right off the branch. Instead they are cured in various ways depending on the type of olive. From black, to green, to the more traditional kalamata add some to your pizza today for a flavor that won't disappoint.
Recipes using this ingredient: Taco Nacho Pizza, Spider Web Pepperoni Pizza


There are thousands of varieties of mushrooms in North America alone. Often considered a vegetable, mushrooms provide many of the nutritional attributes of produce. They add the perfect touch to any pizza. Recipes using this ingredient: Philly Cheese Steak Pizza, Broccoli & Tomato Focaccia


Onions bring layers of flavor, color, and texture to any pizza. Onions are high in vitamin C and are a good source of fiber.
Recipes using this ingredient: Pork & Pineapple Pizza, Cheesy Breakfast Pizza


Sweet basil is most commonly used in Italian cooking. It has a strong flavor and is added as the dish is being finished because cooking the basil decreases the flavor. Basil is a great addition to the top of a pizza.
Recipes using this ingredient: Individual Margherita Pizza, Pizza Cups


Not typically thought of as a pizza topping, carrots add a great crunch. Grated carrots go especially well on our Whole Wheat Garden Pizza.
Recipes using this ingredient: Asian Chicken Pizza, Whole Wheat Garden Pizza

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are sweet peppers that come in a variety of colors; red, orange, green, and yellow. Best sliced for pizzas they add a sweet but savory flavor to any pizza.
Recipes using this ingredient: Patriotic Pizza, Christmas Pizza Minis


Something Different

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Chocolate chips

Chocolate chips top off a dessert pizza perfectly. They also add a sweet twist to a fruit pizza.
Recipes using this ingredient: German Chocolate Pizza, Chocolate Fruit Pizza

Sundried Tomatoes

Sun Dried Tomatoes are traditionally made from dried red plum tomatoes. Usually preserved in olive oil along with rosemary, basil and garlic.
Recipes using this ingredient: Savory Chicken Vegetable Pizza


Garlic is a close relative to the onion. Cooking garlic mellows its strong flavor and gives it a savory, nutty taste. It is a favorite in Mediterranean cuisine.
Recipes using this ingredient: Roasted Garlic & Asiago Pizza, Penne Pasta Pizza


Most people have heard of pineapple on a Hawaiian pizza but what about making a fruit pizza. Use whipped cream as the sauce and all your favorite fruits for a fresh, summery treat.
Recipes using this ingredient: Fruit Pizza Snackers, Banana Cream Pizza

Pine Nuts

The small seeds that fall from pine trees have a light, delicate flavor. Toast them for a delicious topping or use them in a pesto sauce, either way they make pizza great.
Recipes using this ingredient: Cilantro Pesto Pizza


A saltly crumbly cheese, used mostly in Mediterranean meals. Commonly used as a topping for salad, it can also be sprinkled on a veggie pizza to enhance the flavors.
Recipes using this ingredient: Tuscan Tomato Pizza, Italian Deep Dish Pizza

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is the perfect sauce for a fresh vegetable or fruit pizza. Available in many flavors such as chive and onion or strawberry that will complement your favorite toppings.
Recipes using this ingredient: Fresh Fruit Pizza, Hawaiian Sweet Pizza